Boy Scouts: Troop 12

Boy Scout Troop 12  has been sponsored by St. Peter’s Church since 1926 and meets in the church undercroft Thursday evenings throughout the school year. For further information on current Troop activities please see their website

Scouting History at St. Peter’s

In 1925, Mrs. Margaret Morrow, a member of St. Peter’s Women’s Auxiliary, founded the first Girl Scout Troop in Livingston. In 1926 Robert W. Kean, nephew of Alexander Kean, and John Pollack founded the first Boy Scout Troop in Livingston, Troop 12. The church is proud to have had more than 100 boys in Troop 12 receive an Eagle Scout award, the highest honor a scout can earn. There has been a wonderful relationship through the years between the Scouts and St. Peter’s Church, a relationship beneficial to both. When St. Peter’s is in need of help, oftentimes a Scout is in need of a project to qualify for his “Eagle” award. Other times the Scouts just to be helpful. They have assisted with many painting projects- the undercroft, classrooms, a Thrift Shop room, and most recently, the exterior of the Sunday School wing. They have helped with landscaping, snow shoveling and moving furniture for church functions. The Scouts helped when St. Peter’s housed the IHN families by setting up and taking down their beds and room dividers and by playing with the children. St. Peter’s is proud to be the sponsor of Boy Scout Troop 12 and grateful for their help.