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Rev. Elizabeth's Homily at Diocesan Convention

  Click here to view Rev. Elizabeth's homily at the 144th Convention of the Diocese of Newark: https://dioceseofnewark.org/content/sermons-144th-annual-diocesan-convention
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Discerning God's Call in our School Wing

Notes from Parish Meeting 11/26/17 Discernment on School Wing Space Use Report on what’s happened so far Shown to several possible renters including: Musician, artist needing studio space Day care center with two women who worked at…

Laborers in The Harvest: Traveling With No Purse, No Shoes and No Bag

St. Peter's parishioners, Ginger and Angie, tell of their experiences 'Going Local' at the Livingston National Night Out.

Amazing Connection Found Between Acquaintances

How 'Going Local' helped me discover an amazing connection between acquaintances. — Ruth Portela

Going Local: Part II & Chapter 5 Book Summary

Part II & Chapter 5: Practicing the Journey.

Going Local: Chapter 4 Book Summary

Chapter 4 Summary - God at the Center (or Who is Really in Control?).

Going Local: Chapter 3 Book Summary

Chapter 3 Summary - Four Misdirecting Narratives (or, “Why Have We Done It?).

Our “Going Local” Initiative

Recently the diocese invited us to participate in an initiative called “Going Local” which asked us to come up with an experiment to find out what the Spirit of God is up to in our neighborhoods.

"Ashes to Go" for Ash Wednesday

Rev. Elizabeth and members Ginger McArthur and Tara Gieger offered ashes to commuters at a local bus stop on Ash Wednesday.

Going Local: Chapter 2 Book Summary

Chapter 2 Summary – “Reactions to the Unraveling (or “What Have We Done?”).