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Discerning God’s Call in our School Wing

Notes from Parish Meeting 11/26/17
Discernment on School Wing Space Use

Report on what’s happened so far
Shown to several possible renters including:
Musician, artist needing studio space
Day care center with two women who worked at Strawberry Hill
Respite care facility for learning-challenged youth – Still a possibility, with lowered rental rate
After school computer coding program
After school educational support school
Met with local realtor to get information regarding square foot prices, etc.

Discussion of financial issues
Commercial rate is $17 – $20/sq. Ft.
Budget has $20,000 deficit for 2017
Prior tenants made up 30% of total church budget
Concerns for getting tenant as soon as possible
Questions about what tenant pays for, what St. Peter’s pays for (utilities, repairs)
How to factor in wear and tear on building
Suggestion of putting 2018 budget together with different scenarios depending on vacancy, amount of rent, etc.
Hourly rate v. square foot

Hopes for new tenants
Will bring us relationships with new people in community, those we haven’t met
Mentorship – teaching kids how to have meaningful relationship; deep conversation – where is that okay? Depression, anxiety. Partnering older with younger.
After school seems to be need
School being remodeled in town for education/programs for autism
Do we offer less expensive space to support program we believe in?
Who do we want in the space and how can we make it work?
Need to have tenants that are manageable for our small numbers – what’s manageable?
Desire to invest in the community – program that shows we’re responding to community needs.

Agenda for Parish Meeting December 3, 2017
Reflecting on God’s Mission for our School Wing

11 AM Gathering with Coffee and snacks

Sharing: Where have I seen God in my life or neighborhood this week?
Using responses to Discernment Chart on reverse

11:20 Do we hear any common themes?
Do we hear any concrete directions?

11:45 Final Thoughts and Continuing Discernment

Concluding Prayer

Lord God, I know that you love me and that you have called me to be a part of your people. I desire to listen and hear the ways you want to shape me now. As we listen to our neighborhoods together, confirm in me the next steps I might take. As I explore the options before me, help me to listen to you through others in my group, and to pay attention to what is in the depth of my own heart. In these ways may I hear your call to a way of life that allows me to love you and those who are in my neighborhood. Amen.

**From Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World. Alan Roxburgh


Discernment Questions to Explore during the week

Where might we see God at work in our neighborhoods?

From your neighborhood listening, list some places, things, moments, or connections that have drawn your attention and imagination recently.

Do any stories, images, or conversations connect with your responses to the above question, helping to explain why they caught your attention?

Share a little of why these particular things have caught your attention.

Write a brief sentence describing why you think the Spirit is nudging you in these directions.

**From Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World. Alan Roxburgh

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