The Holy Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th this year, and at St. Peter’s Church, we begin the season of Lent with the Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist at 7:30 p.m. The Book of Common Prayer tells us, The first Christians observed with great devotion the days of our Lord’s passion and resurrection, and it became the custom of the Church to prepare for them by a season of penitence and fasting. Below are opportunities for reflection and ministry during this holy season.

Ashes to Go!
Once again, Rev. Elizabeth and members of St. Peter’s will offer ashes to commuters – and all who stop by – at the Walnut Street bus stop at the Livingston Mall on Ash Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Stories from the Journey Continued
St. Peter’s will continue the practices we’ve learned in our Going Local missional ministry on Sundays during Lent. We’ll follow worship with sharing stories of our listening in the community, and reflect on what God might be calling us to as individuals and as a parish. Join with other congregations on Saturday, February 24 for continued conversation and learning about listening to and sharing stories with our neighbors at St. Michaels, Wayne, 8:30a.m. – 2p.m.

Lent Madness
Lent is not all serious! Lent Madness is a fun, engaging way to learn about the men and women who are the Saints of the Church. Read the bios of the saints, then vote for your favorite in a tournament-like bracket. Who will win the Golden Halo? Sign up at: http://www.lentmadness.com

Daily Reflection and Prayer
There are several resources for daily reflection and prayer, including Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John with the Society of St. John the Evangelist at: http://meetingjesusinjohn.org/ . Lenten meditation booklets are available in the Narthex.

I hope you’ll make it a point to attend Sunday worship during Lent, and join the listening and storytelling. One of the books that has guided us, Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World, by Alan Roxburgh, is available in the Labyrinth area. As Roxburgh says, We become so engrossed in our own perceptions of what’s important that we miss the wonder and presence of God in the lives around us.
During this holy season, may God open our ears, eyes, and hearts. May the Spirit nudge us beyond our walls, physical and spiritual, that we may know God’s presence in the people and places around us.

Wishing you a Blessed Lent,

Rev. Elizabeth

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