Journey to Generosity

This year’s Stewardship theme is “Journey to Generosity.” I began to think about what the words “Journey” and “Generosity” mean and what they should mean to me. The Episcopal Network for Stewardship put together a series of weekly inserts we have included in our bulletins each Sunday this season and they describe life as “an opportunity or a journey”.’s definition of the word Journey is “a travelling from one place to another, usually taking a long time” and their definition of Generosity is defined as a “largeness or fullness.” I took both of those definitions and sat on them a bit. What does it mean to be on a Journey to Generosity and how can I incorporate that into my own life? I let it roll around in my head a bit and came up with a few thoughts. If my life is my journey (and I hope it’s a long one ☺), how can I travel and experience the fullness and largeness of life as it is meant to be? “Life is a journey to welcome, to invite, to love, to be at peace and a journey to generosity.” I want to feel that fullness of life, that generosity, and I feel I can experience some of those feelings being a member here at St. Peter’s.

The series goes on to say that we are both receivers and givers of generosity and that our journey is truly about how we live our lives. Are we generous with others and do we forgive and accept forgiveness as a receiver? I personally struggle being the receiver. I can give till the cows come home but to let someone help me, to accept and receive is hard. By being a member here at St. Peter’s, I can truly say I have received many things many times. Whether it’s simply the gift of receiving Communion, the gift of being granted a clean slate for the week or unburdening myself of something with one of you at coffee hour, I am continuing to practice receiving love, forgiveness and experiencing community. We truly are a family here and support each other as such. We take the good with the bad and when I think about it, I have received more from St. Peter’s then I have given. I have received love, support, and friendship over the years from each and every person here at St. Peter’s and it makes me realize my life is fuller because of my church family.

Our “generosity” or our opportunity to say “yes” during Stewardship Season for me is more about sharing my full life with all of you. When I hand in my pledge commitment as well as time and talent card each year, I feel I am making a commitment to continue to be here for my church family as a giver and a receiver, because when I give I receive so much more in return. Thanks to you to all for helping me feel the fullness of life here and for being a part of my family on “my journey” of life.

— Tara Gieger

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