St. Peter’s Thrift Shop

Open Every Tuesday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

St. Peter’s Thrift Shop volunteers diligently prepared for the new season’s opening on September 6th. Walk through the glass doors and you’ll enter our foyer, where we feature small furniture and certain items, some of which have been reduced. Art for sale is hung in the hallway and also found in the Art Cart in Nancy’s Nook, one of the selling rooms. Her room features collectibles, housewares, linens, music & movies, books, toys, games, pet accessories, and sewing & crafts.

Fun and affordable seasonal items can be found in our second selling room, A.L.I.C.E.’S. This room also features new arrivals of clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, and some gift items and home décor. A clearance section can be found in the rear of the room.

We are happy to be a part of your community and thank you for your patronage and donations. Stop by to say “hi” or to shop. We look forward to your visit!

Currently, a core group of five volunteers work three to four days a week, with an extra two to five volunteers floating in and out according to what their schedules allow for on Tuesdays, the shop’s selling day. We are always looking for new volunteers. If interested in volunteering, please email

Donation Guidelines

Leave donations between the glass doors anytime, except between 2pm Mondays and 10am Tuesdays, because we have no time to process them before opening the doors to our Tuesday customers.

We cannot accept:

  • BOOKS, due to high inventory
  • FURNITURE (unless small and approved by email:
  • PRINTERS (unless new)

Please do not leave unacceptable items in the vestibule, as our manpower consists solely of a few volunteers.

For questions regarding donations or volunteering, please email:
Preguntas? Escribe a:

Thank you for your generosity!


The goals of the thrift shop have always been to provide clothing and other items at a modest cost to the community, offering assistance to victims of fire and disaster, and passing along items to other outreach organizations that serve the needy. We seek to serve Christ in all people, loving our neighbors and hearing their stories. The volunteers commit to being stewards of the environment, reducing waste in the landfills, and being a source for the renewal and recycling of objects that can bring joy to others.


Alice Skeels

In 1955, Alice Skeels, President of the Women’s Guild, founded St. Peter’s Thrift Shop. The church supplied the space in the school building whereby parishioners and others could bring discarded clothing and household items to be recycled. Since then, volunteers have been accepting, sorting, pricing, and selling merchandise and offering friendship to one another and their customers.

During the summer of 2015, the shop was reorganized and its three rooms were named to honor historically active volunteers. The workroom became JoAnn’s Workroom, named after JoAnn Rella, a wonderfully efficient manager of incoming shoes and clothing.  The selling rooms were named A.L.I.C.E.’S. and Nancy’s Nook. A.L.I.C.E.’S. was named after Alice Skeels, Agnes Vincent, Lee Fergusson, Louise Hoffman, Irene Nakonechy, Cindy Brady, Elsie Richelieu, Ethel Fitzroy, Evelyn Bennington, Sally Mills, and Steve Messarosh. Nancy’s Nook was named after Nancy Rose, a long-time manager of that room who enjoys helping people find treasures.